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Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm StandWelcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

How The Porch Works at our CSA style farm stand


1. Shop Around

Check out all the fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables of the week. Gather all the items your interested in. (We are not certified organic but we use organic farming practices and work with other organic farming CSA's to ensure you pesticide free produce all season long.)


2. Record Your Purchase in the Journal

On the counter of the porch you will find a Porch Journal that you record your purchase in. Write your Name & Date (Date is very important for me for record keeping)  Example:

Name    Miranda Hottenroth           Date 7/15/18

Contact mybackyardacres@gmail.com

Quantity           Item                                   Price

2                       Spinach                                      $6

                                                              Total       $6       

Then when you finish recording each item. Total it up at the bottom and circle it. This is how much you owe. 


3. Pay for your Purchase

After you have totaled up your items in the porch journal, put corresponding amount of Backyard Acres member vouchers or cash in the payment box.

 Package up your produce, go to where your going. Wash your produce and share with those you love! *We can not clean the produce because that would be considered processing.  We are allowed 1 harvest cut and 1 cool water rinse if needed so please wash your produce.  Also, we do not generally provide bags, so please BYO.