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Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

Welcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm StandWelcome to Backyard Acres CSA Farm Stand

About Us


How we got here

Hello, my name is Miranda Hottenroth and I'd like to share with you how this journey came about. In 2011 we moved here so that I could launch my District Office with Vector Marketing, which markets CUTCO products. Within the first 4 months of living here my youngest was diagnosed with vary high lead levels due to the house we rented. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot the Western medicine does for this, but it was recommended the cleaner he eats, the faster the body will detox the lead itself. Then early in 2012, we received another diagnosis of Autism in our family. God sure does have an interesting way of changing events but it all seems to work itself out. I stepped down from District Manager at the end of 2012 to focus on my family's health situation. In early 2013, I entered employment in a local chiropractors office and that's when things began to change.

Through the course of education, treatments, natural doctor referrals, we embarked on a dietary lifestyle change of No Gluten, Peanuts, Corn, Pork, Nothing from a can, No preservatives, No dyes or any other artificial ingredient. This was terrifyingly difficult to say the least. I cried for 3 days thinking I was going to kill my family. You see prior to this we lived the American Standard Diet. That first summer in 2014 I attempted my own organic garden and through networking came to land a spot at Springdale Farms, a local CSA in Sheboygan county, where God started planted seeds of visions and dreams in my head. This is how Backyard Acres all began. Fast forward to Where we are now...


Where we are now

We launched a pilot run in August of 2015 with a few produce items I grew and some from Springdale Farms to see how this idea of mine would work. It seemed to catch on! I am excited to say  we are still learning and growing. I partner with Springdale farms to continue learning and bring options to the porch we just don't have space to grow at Backyard Acres. 

In order to build into the Vision I have, I currently run a few other home based business as well to supplement our income outside of the growing season. To learn more click the "What Else" tab at the top of the page.


Where we are going

The big picture, the beautiful vision that God has given me is to buy land and  build into a large CSA / Orchard with an Allergy free café and gift shop onsite. It will feature a 2nd certified kitchen to host events, workshops and be available to rent out. We believe that this will happen by growing and cultivating relationships with neighbors and community by bringing people together with good food, events and workshops. We look forward to serving this area for years to come. We believe in the power of networking so if you have a resource that you think may be of value to the vision or you think we have something that will add value to your vision feel free to email us. May God bless you and keep you in all that you do.